A Walk From Idle To Denso Marston Nature Reserve, 07th April 2020

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Tue, 7th Apr 2020, 1:03pm

A beautifully sunny day for a walk. From Idle my path took me down through Thackley, across the canal and the river to reach the riverside path to Denso Marston. En route I heard the yaffle of the Grren Woodpecker. On the reserve itself I heard chiff chaff and had good sightings of many birds including Mandarin Duck, Moorhen, Blackcap, Goosander, Jay, Wren and especially the Nuthatch. Butterfly sightings included peacock and small tortoiseshell. 

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Sue Z

20.03.20, 23.03.20 & 2.04.20 Rambles around Rawdon

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Over the last week or so I have completed a series of six walks in the vicinity of my home in Rawdon. They cover in the main the topography, history and vernacular architecture of this unique village. Rawdon has several constituent parts. The linear development which follows the crest of the hill can be well appreciated when viewing Rawdon from Apperley Bridge. The Billing is a steep wooded hill made up of glacial moraine which affords excellent views in all directions. An area around the junction of the Harrogate and Leeds roads contains a park, a library and village green. There are special conservation areas around Low Green, Cragg Wood and Little London.

Walk From Idle To Yeadon and Back 31st March 2020

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It was cool and grey with light winds for today's daily walk allowance. I set off to Yeadon with a rough route in mind but I did venture onto roads that I haven't previously walked, all the while noting footpaths signs for future reference. 

My first bird encounter was on Leeds Road where a Wood Pigeon with a twig in his beak was flying straight towards me before it rose over my head to dive into a tall, dense hedge behind me. As I turned off down Apperley Road towards the canal I heard the distinctive call of the Ring-necked Parakeet and was fortunate to then see it fly past. There was little to see from the bridge over the canal - just a single swan. 

Shelf Circular 24 March 2020

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Wed, 25th Mar 2020, 8:44pm

An 8 am start saw me don walking boots and head off through my local patch.  I usually start by going through Sun Woods which at this time of year is absolutely full of wild garlic.  I had expected to be met by much birdsong but there was little activity this morning.  The beck was flowing steadily as I crossed the bridge and headed through the fields where lambing is obviously in full swing.  A lovely sight on a beautiful sunny morning.  Woodland again where I have seen roe deer in the past but careful scanning produced no sign of these shy creatures today.  Some magnificent fungi was seen on a fallen tree as I made my way along the track, past the profusion of bluebells that would appear shortly and out into the open again within sight of Coley Church.  Huge open fields to cross, with horses grazing in the distance and crows flying overhead.  The lane down into Norwood Green holds great promise for later flowerings, particularly of cow parsley, but just a few dandelions were showi

22nd March

Submitted by Amanda on Tue, 24th Mar 2020, 12:40pm

Northcliffe sitings

Northcliffe Woods, Shipley was delightfully warm today - and I saw a beautiful fresh comma butterfly sunning itself on a log, and two or three chiffchaffs were calling.  

Two days ago on Friday morning at around 10.45, Dot Francis and I saw over 60 whooper swans in a gentle V formation flying NW over Northcliffe Park meadow.  They flew right over our heads, going ‘voo, voo, voo…' 

Jane (Robinson) 


New Sightings 22nd March

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New sightings       22nd March.

I had a Yellow Brimstone in the garden today. Nothing new flowering in Heaton woods this morning but seven birds seen  I am learning to look up as well as down! I saw my first wild pink flower of the year, Geranium robertianum, on the roadside.