WFV, Old Moor, 26 November, 2019

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Clustered BonnetOur last outing of 2019 took us to a reserve we have visited many times, RSPB Old Moor.  On this occasion our minibus was almost full as we welcomed to our midst newcomers Joy and Bruce and also the return of Robert.  The weather was not on our side as we left Bradford with rain accompanying our departure and greeting our arrival as well.  Fortunately this did not last all day and by the time of our departure, things had impro

WFV, Devonshire Park Arboretum Keighley, 12 November 2019

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Parmelia sp. lichenCreated in 1888 and listed as Keighley’s ‘Hidden Gem’ the park is indeed a beautiful Arboretum, with a huge variety of interesting species, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the area. A leaflet with a brief history and guide to the trees is available from Cliff Castle Museum.

WFV, St Chad's Churchyard, Headingley, 29th Oct 2019

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Scarlet WaxcapThe church grounds are locally renowned for their population of waxcap fungi and today was a repeat of the 2018 outing which, although yielding a goodly variety of fungi, produced very few waxcaps. That year was the worst in recent memory for waxcaps & we met with a similar failure at another venue in Mirfield. The consensus amongst the mycological community was that the spring & summer had been unusually dry.

WFV, Stainforth, 15th Oct 2019

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salmon leapingToday was a total contrast to our attempt to watch the leaping salmon at Stainforth Force a couple of years ago. 

The salmon like fast flowing conditions, ideally a couple of days after heavy rain (so this was the compensation for a wet Apple Day event on Sunday), and a pleasant autumn day made for ideal conditions for the on-lookers. 

WFV North Cave Wetlands 1st October 2019

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CurlewAlert leader John had read on the day before our trip that Blacktoft Sands RSPB Reserve, our original destination for today’s expedition, had been closed due to flooding and so took the wise decision to switch the venue to North Cave Wetlands, a YWT reserve where we were likely to see a similar selection of birds.  North Cave is an ever-evolving reserve based on a worked-out sand and gravel quarry with on-going adjacent extraction that will eventually form part of the reserve.

WFV Skipton Castle Woods 24th September 2019

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a very wet day Eight people left Bradford in rain, returned home in rain and had no respite from the weather between those times. The intention to follow the canal towpath to the entrance of the woods had to be abandoned due to the collapse of a section of canal wall. We were soon back on track and avoiding deep puddles as we put our  identification skills into practice.

Hirst Wood Burial Ground and Trench Meadow, 30 July 2019

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entering burial groundToday we stayed local for visits to two contrasting sites. 

We started at Hirst Wood Burial Ground, gathering in the gloom of the wooded burial ground adjacent to Nab Wood Cemetery. BEES Friday volunteer group have been involved in some management of the site over the past couple of winters, so I wanted to return in the summer to collate a species list for the site, and get some ideas about the best way forward to implement the ecological management plan.