Thursday 29th October 2009 Extra Task Day: St Mary's Church, Wyke

Returning to the churchyard project where the graveyard is being used to create habitats that are beneficial to wildlife. Today we will help them cut and rake the grass to create a meadow area. Leaving the YMCA at 9.30.  

Apple Day 2009

Less than three weeks to this year's Apple Day celebrations.

If you wish to volunteer on the day please contact the office as soon as possible.

Bradford Apple Day 2009
Saturday 10th October

Bowling Park Community Orchard, Bowling Park Drive, BD4 (in the allotments)

There are over 2000 named varieties of apple growing in Britain. Apple Day is a celebration of our fruit heritage and an enjoyable event that will give you inspiration and ideas about growing, eating and being involved in community projects. Come and enjoy…

Games and activities,
Tree planting and how to care for your trees
Apple identification – bring along your apples to find out which variety they are - please bring 3 apples and a twig and leaf if possible.
Apples for sale – varieties you won’t find in the shops
Advice on selecting varieties which will grow well in Bradford.
Fresh fruit juice
Appley Cafe

For further info and directions please visit the orchard web page where you can find a map. Or ring BEES 01274 513109 or 513102

Apple day is organised by Bradford Apple Group and supported by Bradford YMCA, BCEP, BEES, Love Apple Café, Community Space Challenge, 1in 12 Club.

Thursday 13th August Extra Task Day: Reevy Mill Dam

A group of volunteers from HBOS Building Society have agreed to repair and resurface the footpath at Reevy Mill Dam. Any one who wishes to join us on the day will be welcome, please contact the office to discuss arrangements.

Thursday 20th August 2009 Extra Task Day: Woodroyd Community Centre, West Bowling

We have been asked to return to the centre to reweave the willow domes that we constructed on the site in February 2008. This is a good opportunity to return to the site and find out how the structures have grown and learn about the management. I am planning for this to be a morning task, leave at 9.30 and return at 12.30.

Please ring the office to let me know if you are joining us.

Extra Volunteer Opportunity: Thursday 6th August, Springfield Community Centre, Idlethorpe Way, Thorpe Edge

Today we will work with the Community Space Challenge project at the Springfield Community Centre, where a site has been transformed to create a community garden. We will be carrying out work to complete the path, install play logs and tidying the wildflower area. 

Bradford Mela

Bradford Mela celebrated its 21st anniversary last weekend. BEES held a stall in the environment tent, offering information and activities.

This was an ideal opportunity to talk to people about BEES projects - in particular volunteering opportunities and the wildlife field visit programme.We were also giving people advance notice of this year's Apple Day which will be held on Saturday 10th October at Bowling Park Community Orchard.
We also distributed BEF leaflets to promote the environment sector as a whole.

One hundred people enjoyed the activities we had on offer;

  • on Saturday we made tetrapak wallets (reusing old juice cartons to make attractive purses) - this simple activity continues to wow people.
  • on sunday people made woollen bee mobiles.

Breathing Places schedules

For full details of the activities we will run at our Urban Nature Reserve from June to September please view the schedule.

For a more detailed timetable of activities and volunteer opportunities on 6th and 7th of June (Breathing Places 'Dirty Weekend') please see this page.

If you know of group who might like to visit the Nature Reserve please contact the office.

Breathing Places at BEES UNR

BEES have been awarded a Breathing Places grant to deliver activities and events at our Urban Nature Reserve

Breathing Places is part of the Big Lottery Fund and aims to encourage involvement in wildlife places.

The Breathing Places programme is part of the Big Lottery Fund and has developed in partnership with the BBC. It complements the BBC’s Breathing Places campaign by giving funding for small groups. This round of Breathing Places grants has been timed to coincide with with the BBC’s Springwatch Open Weekend on 6th and 7th June June 2009.






  We will run a full weekend of activites at the Reserve on 6th and 7th June. In addition there will be further open days and practical task days over the next couple of months. In the next few days we will publicise the complete programme. There will be extra volunteer opportuntities which you may be interested in.

Blossom Day Friday 8th May 2009 Bowling Park Community Orchard 11-3pm

We are holding our annual Blossom Day event at Bowling Park Community Orchard. It is a great opportunity to visit the site and see the spectacle of the fruit trees in blossom, particularly if the weather is kind to us. We will be organising our usual volunteer day, visits from school groups and activities between 11-3pm. These will include water colour painting, making insect homes and planting.

Refreshments will be available and we will be lighting a barbecue so people can bring their own food to cook and enjoy the surroundings.

There are opportunities for people to carry out volunteer work, take part in activities, learn about growing fruit trees or simply enjoy the site.

Bowling Park Community Orchard can be accessed from Bowling Park Drive, Bradford, BD4

Link to Orchard directions 

Should you have any queries regarding the event please contact BEES 01274 513109/513102

Charcoal for sale

BEES manufactures a small amount of barbeque charcoal which is available to buy from the BEES office.

The charcoal is made from timber produced as a result of coppicing and thinning tasks at local reserves so by buying the product you are not only supporting nature conservation in the Bradford District, but you will no longer need to buy imported charcoal. Most of the charcoal in the shops is imported from South America and is made from mangrove and other hardwoods. Habitats are destroyed in the process and there are also issues of child labour and the fuel needed to transport the product across the globe.

British made charcoal is of high quality, lights easily and comes to cooking temperature quickly. We cannot guarantee the sun, but surely there is no other reason not to buy Bradford charcoal! Get in touch.

If you are interested in drawing charcoal let us know, we will make some when our production starts later in the spring.

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