Education Sessions and Visits

Pond dipping at the nature reservePond dipping at the nature reserveWe deliver a variety of environmental education to schools in Bradford District, including;

Visits to BEES Urban Nature Reserve

We offer pond dipping sessions and other activities in our meadow and woodland areas. We can tailor the focus of the visit to the age group and to subjects being covered in class. This can include comparison of the different habitats, discussion of the adaptations and life cycles of the creatures found, use of classification keys, exploration of flower structure using magnifying glasses, different methods of seed dispersal, mini-beast searches,


    tiny pears!tiny pears!

    Visits to Bowling Park Community orchard

    Children can learn about food growing, see fruit at the different stages of forming, depending on the time of year, take part in sowing, planting or harvesting vegetables and look for wildlife.

    We have minibus transport for up to 13 children and 2 adults excluding the driver.