Let's Do It Fagley and Ravenscliffe, CSC All Ages

Let's Do It is a global campaign to remove litter from our neighbourhoods. As with Allerton and Lower Grange it was already planned to do a CSC initiative in the area and it seemed an ideal opportunity to expand the project into an All Ages volunteer opportunity. The date of the UK Let's Do It was May 13th 2012. so to date the activity on this project has been planning; including working closely with the University and Council to develop support networks for publicity, equipment and arranging rubbish collection. A meeting was held at the Gateway Centre, Ravenscliffe and Fagley Community Centre. Both centres were positive about the project. So it was agreed to carry out a litter pick on the same day on the old railway line between the two centres. One group starting from Fagley and the other from Gateway, we would meet somewhere along the line and then make our way with the litter to Fagley Community Centre. It would then be collected by the Council and we would all have a shared lunch. The event was carried out on 12th May. The area covered is estimated by 2km route. People got stuck in and collected a large amount of litter, which can be seen in gallery. On 26th May the opening of the Beaumont garden was held, when young people were given the opportunity to learn about and experience insects on the site, while adults were asked to complete survey forms. 25 people got involved in the session. A celebration session is now being planned at Gateway Centre.