Boar's Well Urban Wildlife Reserve

Near Canal Road/Kings Road junction

Today was an unusual task for us here at BEES as it was our last task with Nick, but our task at Boar’s Well was a fitting way to send him on his way to new pastures. Our main objective was to clear the paths of nettles brambles and other vegetation and make them accessible for the public, so we split into small group and began to clear the paths.


Some used loppers and shears to remove overhanging branches and larger bushes, whilst others used the sickles to sweep away the grass and nettles. Like many of our sites we also did some litterpicking and removed Himalayan Balsam, and mowed a strip alongside the path.


Once the task was finished we returned to Culture Fusion and had our final farewells with Nick for his years of dedication to BEES, and headed to the Lord Clyde in true BEES fashion.


Today we had a group of 13