Pond Survey, Reevy Mill Dam

Pond Survey  - 13/06/07
Reevy Mill Dam – SE 1388529869

List of macroinvertebrates found:


  1. Gammaridae (Freshwater shrimp)
  2. Coenagriidae (Damselfly larva)
  3. Planariidae (Flatworm)
  4. Corixidae (Lesser water-boatman)
  5. Dytiscidae (Diving beetle)
  6. Hydrophilidae (Scavenger water beetle)
  7. Physidae (Bladder snail)
  8. Planorbidae (Rams horn snail)
  9. Sphaeriidae (Pea mussel)
  10. Glossiphonidae (Leech)
  11. Asellidae (Water hog-louse)
  12. Chironomidae (Midge fly larva)
  13. Oligochaeta (Worms)

List of macrophytes found:



  1. Iris pseudacorus (Flag Iris)
  2. Juncus effusus (Soft rush)
  3. Mentha aquatica (Water mint)
  4. Myosotis (Forget-me-not)
  5. Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (Water cress)
  6. Scrophularia auriculata (Water figwort)
  7. Stachys palustris (Marsh woundwort)
  8. Lemna minor (Common duckweed)
  9. Lemna trisulca (Ivy-leaved duckweed)

A couple of dead chub were noticed at this pond, though live carp were seen in the middle of the pond and sticklebacks were caught in the pond net.

The perimeter of the pond was walked and the aquatic species found were noted.

A 3 minute sweep sample with a pond net was collected again around the perimeter of the pond. The sample was then analysed on the bankside and the invertebrates noted. We did not note abundances only presence.