Wednesday 24th August 2011: Focus on Insects

Looking for insectsLooking for insectsThis evening was attended by 11 people who visited Trench Meadows to discover the insects that live on the site. The session was led by a member of staff from the Field Studies Council who although had not visited the site before was able to detail the sorts of species that we were likely to find. First we were introduced to the equipment and how to use it. This included sweep nets, collecting jars and magnifying instruments. The site was full of Knapweed and we split up to see what we could find and collect. Then we came back together to examine the creatures we had found. They turned out to be such interesting and varied creatures as Pill woodlouse, Hawthorn shield bug and Frog hopper to the more macabre Flesh fly and Parasitic wasp. We were able to learn about the insects life cycles and ecology. The session provided us with a fascinating hands on experience of studying creatures at close quarters. Thanks to Kelvin for the additional photos of insects.

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