Saturday 6th August 2011: Grasses and other plants - Trench Meadows, Shipley

Group detecting the odour from Sweet vernal grassGroup detecting the odour from Sweet vernal grass A group of 8 people were treated to an afternoon at Trench Meadows studying the various grasses that grow there. Adrian from the Field Studies Centre at Malham led the walk and first we had an overall look at site. Then we got down to learn some of the scientific treminology like glume, ligule and blade that would help us to identify grasses. Using keys and the terms we were able to find species like Timothy, Tufted hair grass, Common bent and Cocksfoot. It was amazing to witness the delicate and intricate arrangements of grass flower heads. And at the end of the day it was a fasinating introduction to the world of grasses that grow around us. 

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