Task Reports

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Conservation Work - Past

Bowling Park Community Orchard

In the allotments, Bowling Park Drive, BD4

As part of the Apples for All project, horticulturist Andrew Chapman joined us to deliver some tree pruning training. There is a lot to learn and take in, but the more we learn and put those lessons into practice the better the fruit production will be in the future. At the same time other jobs were being carried out around the site, these included cutting the privet hedges, laying the native hedge and clearing encroaching vegetation. This will improve the amount of sunlight that is able to get to the trees and their fruit. The missing tree labels were replaced, now visitors can identify the trees and the label includes useful information like when to harvest the fruit. Considering the weather of heavy rain which set in before lunch it was impressive that the group kept going to get as much of the work completed as possible. But there is still more hedges to cut before the birds really get on with nesting.

Today we worked with 8 volunteers.


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University Campus, Laisteridge Lane, BD5

We planned to tackle several tasks on the nature reserve, today. After introducing the site to new people we divided into small groups to tackle the work. A group cut back the Laurel bush that we had started to cut several years ago. This will bring in more light to the site and allow the native whips planted to thrive. The decking platform which had become slippery and nearly unusable was covered in chicken wire to provide a non-slip surface. The tree identification signs were cleaned, replaced and repaired ready for visitors. Litter and fly tipping was collected from around the site, being winter it was more visible and unsightly than usual, so the place looked a great deal better with it gone. Finally we cut back some of the limbs of the Willow tree overhanging the top pond, this again will allow more light into the site and in turn benefit the pond habitat.

Today we worked with 11 volunteers.

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Boar’s Well Urban Wildlife Reserve

Kings Road, BD2

Today we carried out several winter tasks on the site. We continued with work that we started last year to get more light along the path and for the ground flora. Several Hazel trees were coppiced. They will regrow with even more stems in the future. We will use the timber for making charcoal later in the year. Interestingly the tree was in flower which is to be expected mid-February.

Another group carried out some hedge laying nearby. Using billhooks we laid a good section of the hedge, some of the stems were relatively small so we were able to complete what looked a good section and there is more to be completed another time. It will provide a good habitat as it regrows because there will be more age structure to the woodland.

Whilst this was going on, some other people concentrated on clearing up the litter and fly tipping. Unfortunately there was more than expected today and the Clean Team were on hand to take it away from the site. Although rain threatened a few times, it never came to anything and we only saw one person walking their dog.

Today we worked with 9 volunteers.

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BEES Tool Store

Culture Fusion, 125 Thornton Road, Bradford, BD1 2EP

It was the first task of the year, so as is usual we spent the day at the tool store. We took the edged tools to the workshop and made sure that they were sharp. Other tools were cleaned and oiled. The tool inventory list was checked and the tool store was tidied. The PPE was tidied and we managed to repair some of the broken tools. Now all is ready for the conservation work that we have planned over the coming months. 

Today we worked with 7 volunteers.

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