The Dell, Cullingworth, CSC All Ages

Cullingworth Village Council have been exploring local opinion and developing ideas to make The Dell, a small woodland, a community asset. At present it suffers with too much litter and poor access. The trees form a dense canopy and little light reaches the woodland floor, resulting in few under storey shrubs or woodland flowers.

The All Ages project will enable a few simple practical improvements to be made, but will also enable people to get to know the Dell better and enjoy its wildlife, river and trees.

The attached files will give you a fuller picture of what is there and what is planned - but please note the Woodland Management Plan is only a draft at this stage. 

On 16 August 2012 we held an open day. Posters where displayed inviting local people to join us for some practical tasks and nature appreciation activites. Practically we constructed a few more steps from the stone ones to improve the access to the area. We also carried out activities in the wood where people were able to learn some tree identification and take part in some bark rubbing. A few photos can be seen in the CSC All Ages gallery.