Our Lady of St. Brendan's

We held a consultation day at the school where every child in the school attended a workshop. Years 3 and 4 looked at how to improve the grounds for wildlife with a large group mindmap. They also explored issues and feelings, hopes and fears through collage work in another workshop. Years 5 and 6 looked at ideas to make their school more environmentally sustainable. Years 1 and 2 went outside to explore the possibilities of their grounds and map features such as wet ground, shady areas, sunny areas, trees, views etc. and discussed how they used the grounds and what they would like to see.

Year 6 made bird boxes for the school before they left so they could be a part of the project.

Other children have helped with planting butterfly borders, bulbs and hedge trees.

Children also helped us to construct a Living willow dome

BEES volunteers helped to plant fruit trees and a hedge.