Usher Street

The school council and other children, from both school sites, visited the 'Blossom Day' event at Bowling Park Community Orchard to research ideas for helping wildlife that they could adapt in their school grounds. Over the course of the day they helped plant up a bog garden, sowed wildflower seeds, made mini-beast homes and studied fruit trees. They used magnifying glasses to look in detail at the variety of blossom and searched for newly developing fruits.

Later at school they could feed these ideas and others into consultation workshops to help develop a plan for the grounds.

In June 09 a team of YBS managers took on the challenge of creating raised beds at the Usher Street site. They designed and created attractive 'L' shaped beds to allow children to grow their own vegetables. 
BEES later added a compost bin to this area.
Children from 2 classes planted a butterfly/sensory border.