Boar’s Well Urban Wildlife Reserve

Parking at Coleman St/ Lawson St

We are no longer the managers of the Reserve but decided to undertake a little bit of maintenance of the pathways, and at the same time try and 'tidy up' the trees that had been felled under the electricity pylons. We will use some of the timber for charcoal making and some benches. 

We took the opportunity to check on the meadow. We found some Yellow Rattle seedlings growing strongly, but areas of the meadow are being taken over by hogweed. Although we might not be here as regularly this summer we do hope to continue to manage some of the habitats to ensure they continue to provide valuable urban wildlife spaces.

It was a bit chilly today but there were some signs of spring; Willow Warblers, Jays and Chiffchaffs and a small veined white on Lady's Smock.

When we got back to Culture Fusion we planted some veg seeds. Rocket, beetroot and lettuce were planted in the beds, and courgettes, beans, peas and butternut squashes were sown in pots and protected by the cold frame.