14th September 1985 is the date of the first event organised by BEES

Wildlife film showing 
A series of wildlife films were shown at the YMCA, these included Life of a Kingfisher and Flight of the Condor. This led to an interest in field studies and resulted in a trial of a 3 month programme of once per month. This was successful as it discovered the talents of people like Fred (ornithology). This then led to a 6 month programme.

At the same time 1985 the YMCA had a drop in centre which was open 5 days a week. But to find more opportunities for the people who attended the task programme began in 1986. This was linked with BTCV in Leeds. And there was an arrangement that a field officer supported the work by bringing minibus and tools to Bradford, while Peter supplied the work force. It was agreed to arrange an independent in Bradford group and an application to Youth Service for tools and equipment was made. The first purchase was for two telescopes! Later there was a grant supplied by Provident Financial which provided tools.

VPP (Voluntary Projects Programme) went out on Fridays run by Peter Boyd and volunteer programme at Hollybush


Peter Boyd 

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