Haybridge NR, Rusland Valley, Cumbria, nr Newby Bridge

Last visited in July 2012. There is a visitor centre.  The site is a mix of woodland, grassy glades, lake & ponds. It is rich botanically with several species of orchid. Ospreys nested in 2023 & a platform has been constructed for them. It also hosts the Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonfly.
Bird species incl’s Flycatchers & Siskins; butterflies could incl Large Heath & SW Fritillary as they breed in the locality.   

We will stop in Settle for chips/Coop/a chance to eat your own food, on the way home. 

Leader: John Gavaghan, 
Minibus transport; depart Culture Fusion 9.10am*/Unitarian Church 9.30am.  Picks up along Branch Route. Cost £13