Wednesday 31st August 2011: Woodland plants and animals

Looking for insects in the leaf litterLooking for insects in the leaf litter We had an evening visit to Northcliffe Woods which was attended by 9 participants. We started our visit by looking at some of the feature trees like Yew at the entrance. Then we discussed the site's underlying geology,  history and recent management. Afterwards the group focussed on discovering insects that live in the leaf litter and soon we were able to see snails, slugs and woodlice at close quarters. Plus a wasp nest made underground with a small hole for an entrance. Next we moved to the pond area where BEES have carried out management work, although there was little water remaining in the pond the plants that were planted are establishing themselves well. The walk carried on in to Northcliffe Park where we looked at the meadow areas that have been created.

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