Baildon Moor, Bracken removal.

Baildon Moor Car Park - if you go past Baildon Co-op and over the cattle grid, take the first left onto Bingley Road and the car park is on the right some way along the road. Google Maps does show it if you look up Baildon Moor.

We will be doing our last session for the year of bracken removal on Baildon Moor using traditional tools such as sickles and scythes. 

Despite the lifting of restrictions, the YMCA are sticking with people bringing  their own drinks, snacks and packed lunch until cases ease.

If you need to borrow boots just let us know the size you need.

Our Aviva crowd funder has enabled us to provide Covid safe taxis and if you let us know beforehand we can book them for you. We can also pay transport costs.

We are now able to provide transport for up to four people besides the driver in the minibus at present, so do let us know if you may want this option. We would meet at Culture Fusion or pick up on the way. 

Please get in touch if you would like to join us.