Task Reports

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Northcliffe Woods, Shipley

Friday 30th September, 2016
Entrance on Cliffe Wood Avenue

Today lived up to its billing - a muddy day! But glorious autumn sunshine in the morning even if it was followed by some heavy showers in the afternoon.

The job today was to dig out as much shale and leaf litter as possible to increase the chance of retaining some open water in the summer months. We have undertaken this task for Friends of Northcliffe for the last few years. In order to limit ecological disturbance, and work within our resources, we have limited this to a channel from the silt traps through to a pool near the dam wall.

Ideally we would like to remove more than can be done in one day, but with the stupendous effort of the group we made good progress, despite the constant irritation of a million and one hungry midges. 

At lunchtime we were visited by a dragonfly, a Migrant Hawker I think, that seemed to be laying eggs at the edge of the pond. 



Bowling Park Community Orchard

Friday 23rd September, 2016
in the allotments on Bowling Park Drive

We arrived at the orchard today having been told our tenancy had been ended. It wasn't just the belief that this was the result of a clerical error (we had returned letters on time to accept a notice of bad cultivation and signed to say our intention was to improve), but because we know the orchard is a highly productive allotment, growing loads of organic apples, many varieties that you cannot buy in the shops. Whilst we know that we hadn't done enough work this summer, and we need to address that next year if we wish to keep the orchard going, we will continue to cultivate following guidelines from Garden Organic, the national research organisation that provides advice to professional and amateur gardeners. 

Today we were busy with the scythes and sickles to start the late summer grass cut. A new bench was installed, using reclaimed timber, and others were fixed with timberlocks. The collection of the gravel for the path was thwarted by padlock technicalities, however this was resolved on Tuesday 27th when Forest of Bradford volunteers dropped it off and helped with further tasks. 

Although the ripening of apples is relatively late (blossom was late this year) we are now in full flow. Make sure you are contacting us for all your apple shopping. 

Sydenham Place

Friday 16th September, 2016

We made good progress today. We extended the path through the trees; constructing a step and levelling the ground before securing weed suppressant membrane and covering it with bark chippings. 

We cleared vegetation from the path edges and around the bench and cut up and staked the branches that had been removed to create a clearing for the path. There is another apple tree to be planted, and as the allocated spot was on a slope, a terrace wall was constructed to reduce the gradient. It will double up as a bench. 

There are a few pictures in the gallery


Bolton St James Church

Friday 9th September, 2016
Bolton Road

We have been supporting both the church and the BEES Shaping Spaces group of young people to continue with the work to create a growing area in the church grounds. Today’s focus was construction of two high raised beds that could be worked by people with mobility restrictions; either from a wheelchair, or to avoid bending. 

First we had to finish digging out the banking and level the area. The timber was collected from the timber yard (sounds easy –but choose a busy time with a trailer and it becomes fun and games) and by the end of the afternoon both beds were assembled ready to be filled.  The next task will be to construct the path around the beds and leading to the front of the church. 

Pictures from today can be seen in the gallery

Baildon Moor – Bracken Cutting

Friday 2nd September, 2016

This was our final visit to Baildon Moor for this year. We cleared a great deal of bracken; cutting, raking and piling it up to expose the ground for the bedstraw and grasses which are the first to colonise. Most of the areas we worked in had been cut previously so there was already a covering of vegetation. We were creating conditions for the heather, bilberry and crowberry to grow. 

It would be nice to spend more time there as progress is good but we are aware there are areas that we cut last year that didn’t get attention this year. This is still a task we very much enjoy and aim to be back in 2017. We are still pondering the role of the trees in the areas we have cleared. 

Pictures from toady can be seen in the gallery.

No task – Summer Holidays.

Friday 26th August, 2016

No task – Summer Holidays. 

No Task – Summer Holidays

Friday 19th August, 2016

No Task – Summer Holidays.  


Baildon Moor – Bracken Cutting

Friday 12th August, 2016
we park on top of Baildon Moor

A blustery but dry day on the moor. The Glorious 12th spent as it should be - helping manage the moor to enable a range of plants and animals to thrive. 


We had the auto-scythe in action for the morning (until the bolts holding the cutting bar to the motor sheared off…! Luckily it’s now gone for some tlc with the Countryside Service) and cut a good swathe of the denser bracken. There was a lot of raking and pile forming to be done. We used hand tools for further cutting, and will return in three weeks for our final visit. 

Moor photos here

No Task

Friday 5th August, 2016

No Task  today – sorry. 

Baildon Moor

Friday 29th July, 2016

Today was our first visit of 2016 to cut the bracken in order to help a diversity of moorland flora thrive. The weather wasn’t great – we got pretty wet. We focused our attentions on the steeper slopes and some of the less dense patches using scythes and sickles. 

Some images are in the gallery