St Anthony’s Primary School,

Friday 5th May, 2017

This is the first time we have done practical work in the school’s wildlife area for many years. Our relationship first started with the school when Nick led wildlife education sessions in the grounds about 11 years ago (I wouldn’t have believed it was so long ago but we had a look though the photo album that documented the development of the wildlife area). 

The main task today was to barrow and spread a large pile of bark across the playground and onto the pathways and steps (I heard mention of ‘functional fitness’!) Firstly we had weed out some of the grass, dandelions and thistles that had become established. We also dug out some brambles that were encroaching onto the path and meadow areas, The meadows are dominated by grass species so we did a late spring cut to remove some of the biomass, and hope to implement a new regime of cutting at the ned of the summer. 

In the sun it was gloriously warm today and we saw quite a few butterflies (speckled wood, peacock, orange tip, white spp.) and the birds around us included chiff chaff, willow warbler and a jay.