Task Reports

Please contact the office if you are interested in volunteering and we will discuss details.

Conservation Work - Past

Bowling Park Community Orchard

In Bowling Park Allotments, Bowling Park Drive

Getting the inside of the shed ready for action, as the harvest gets into full swing.

A visit to the orchard to carry out a wide variety of seasonal tasks including mowing paths, scything under hedgerows, weeding around trees and spreading excess straw from the new straw bale apple shed under trees about to shed their apples.  The cordon trees were pruned.  Work on the apple shed continued, with shelving being constructed ready for this year’s harvest.

Bracken cutting, Baildon Moor

Baildon Moor, car park on top of the moor

More bracken cutting - please wear long trousers and sleeves.

On this second of three annual visits to the moor we cleared a substantial quantity of bracken.  The moor is looking more diverse each year in the areas in which we've been working.

clearance with Aire Rivers Trust Shipley

Under the railway bridge and footbridge at the end of Dockfield Road at metalbox entrance

We will be helping with more clearance of rubbish from the river banks.

On a wet August day a small group of volunteers trawled the banks of the Bradford Beck for rubbish.  Working with the Aire Rivers Trust, BEES cleared the section under the Shipley station arches, filling dozens of rubbish sacks with all kinds of debris.  One group worked above the river banks whilst others spent the day pulling detritus from the foreshore.

Our partners in the Aire Rivers Trust were delighted with the progress made.  We hope to have the opportunity to work with them in the future.

Himalayan Balsam clearance with Aire Rivers Trust

Mumby Street, off Thornton Road, fairweather green

We will be returning to the area of Middlebrook beck where we did litter clearance earlier in the year to continue with Himalayan Balsam clearance.

A return visit to this section of Middlebrook Beck.  This time to tackle the Himalayan Balsam as well as removing more rubbish, including a bike, from the river.  We were joined by a camera woman from the BBC, doing a report on the rivers for a feature on the local news.

Bracken cutting, Baildon Moor

Baildon Moor

Our first visit of the year bracken cutting on Baildon Moor using traditionals tools, scythes,sickles etc to preserve and increase plant diversity.

We were joined today on the moor by staff skilled in the use of traditional tools such as scythes and sickles.  They were very much appreciated for their hard work and we made good progress.

Bowling Park Community Orchard

Bowling Park Allotments

As well as ongoing orchard maintenance we will be preparing the site for summer playscheme visits and harvesting the rest of the soft fruit.

We concentrated today on vegetation clearance, weeding under the fruit trees and readying the site for use by summer play-scheme groups in August.

Sydenham Place Wildlife Garden

Sydenham Place

Continuing dry stone walling - an opportunity for creative use of on-site materials as well as clearance and weeding and maybe planting.

Despite heavy rain all day we cleared vegetation and made a start on another entrance way further down to enable people to walk through the woodland garden.  The volunteers were treated by the residents to homemade soup which was much appreciated.

Himalayan Balsam clearance Northcliffe Woods

Northcliffe Woods

Clearing himalayan balsam in Northcliffe woods from the slopes above the pond and from the banks along the beck.There will also be some footpath clearing and silt trap emptying for those who prefer to avoid slopes.

We cleared Himalayan Balsam from around the pond, up the banking above the pond and along the banking above Northcliffe dyke. We were joined by Aire Rivers Trust and a group of homeschoolers who heard about the activity through Friends of Northcliffe.

Bowling Park Community Orchard

Bowling Park Allotments

Levelling the area around the shed and feeding and netting fruit bushes as well as general orchard maintenance.

We worked on levelling the uneven ground around the new apple store, netting fruit bushes, cutting grass paths and weeding paths around the growing beds.

Culture Fusion Roof Garden

125 Thornton Road

We are at Culture Fusion again tomorrow at least to start with, the tomatoes need staking and supporting, courgettes and runner beans planting out, we are nearly there with weeding the meadow, (one last push), oxeye daisies need spreading out around the meadow. etc  

We can go up to the nature reserve later if we decide we want to. (we don't have a minibus driver for tomorrow, so we could walk, car or taxi).