Shed Building 21st Sept and w/c 24th Sept

workshop and orchard

An update with proposed work days over the next week as we approach the actual construction of the shed. 

Friday 21st Sept; we will go to the orchard in the morning. We will be fixing the base plate in position and organising the area around the shed for the build next week.
We will also be harvesting, and carrying on with hedge cutting etc.
We will be returning to Culture Fusion by early afternoon  - there is still more to do in the workshop, but also essential work to remove dandelion seedlings from the meadow.

Monday 24th Sept; the straw is being delivered in the morning. I don't know exactly what time but they will give us a bit of notice. My plan is to be at Culture Fusion from 9am, working in the workshop until they ring, and then going to the orchard. If you are able to help unload the straw adn move to the orchard, either come to Culture Fusion early on, or I can text you once I know an arrival time. Please let me know if you can help. Once the straw is safely stored we will return to Culture Fusion to continue with the timber work. Unfortunately we are behind schedule, but cannot start to assemble the straw until all the timber work is ready. 

Tuesday 25th Sept; workshop to complete (hopefully) the timber work. Who knows, we might even be in a position to go to the orchard. 

Wednesday 26th Sept; we really hope to be at the orchard today starting to assemble the straw. I cannot predict how long it will take to get the bales in place, so either today or tomorrow we will get the roof plate in place. 

Thursday 27th Sept; orchard, roof plate and rafters. 

Friday 28th Sept; at orchard  - roof, fascias etc (!!). We may even start some of the rendering, but you will have to wait for a further update for a clearer timescale on this. 

Saturday and Sunday - lets see...

While we at the orchard there are of course the regular Sept jobs; harvesting, grass cutting, hedge cutting, general weeding. 

Please can you let me know if and when you are planning to come. The above is an estimated plan, but those of you who have been involved to date will realise how over optimistic I have been with progress to date. I will give updates to progress and each day's work locations to those that plan to come or want to be kept informed, rather than to my entire email group.

I'm pretty confident in saying that this is the one and only opportunity for you to be involved in building a straw bale structure as part of a BEES programme. Don't miss out!