Odda Quarry, tree planting.

we will park on Hillings Lane, in a gateway entrance to a field with a footpath sign.

We have had a fair variety of weather during our weeks here, but Thursday this week was the wettest so far. And the wind sent the guards rolling around the hillside.

However, this didn't hamper our efforts and we planted 230, a mix of silver birch, alder, rowan and hornbeam. On Friday we continued with a similar mix of species, but also had some blackthorn, hawthorn and hazel to plant at the edge of the hill. The rain set in at lunchtime but we continued until all the trees were in the ground (496 this week). 

I was wondering whether this was the time to start counting down to our total, but it feels a bit premature.  Just to say we have reached the plateau at the top, so it's all downhill from here ( once we've finished at the top and dealt with the old quarry sites!).

Forest of Bradford are planting here tomorrow and we are looking forward to the progress made by the professionals.