Bowling Park Community Orchard

in the allotments on Bowling Pk Drive

Pruning in the snowThe covering of snow this morning did not deter our visit to the orchard, even if we were a bit late to set off. 

Unsurprisingly (to me), we didn’t make great progress with the floor and door of the Apple Store, but it was very helpful to do more measuring, adjusting and chin scratching on site rather than in the workshop. The issues with the door revolve around the choice of hinge and how to avoid the obstruction of the straw wall verses the design of the door (weight, using materials we have or buying new stuff, or keeping an eye out for a door in a skip!). 

However, it seemed a good day to clear some of the trees on our boundary so we coppiced the Ash by the Bramley and felled the Field Maple near the pond. Clearing these will help more light reach the tree and pond respectively. 

We continued with the pruning and made a bit of progress, almost finishing at the top end, but still a fair bit to do.  We finished turning the compost heap near Belvedere. 

Despite a few snow showers and spell of ominous grey clouds, it was actually pretty nice out there. A male Kestrel perched in the trees at edge of park for a while.