Friday 3rd May 2013; Blossom Day 2013 BPCO, Allotments, Bowling Park Drive, West Bowling, BD4

Today we were celebrating 10 years of the Orchard. The delay in spring this year meant that the blossom spectacle was not quite ready for us today but the early blossoming trees like the plums and pears were looking good. The apple trees were just beginning to open and will no doubt be in full bloom soon. Still the orchard was a busy place today, a good number of visitors turned up for a guided tour of the site and some refreshments. Joe and Clair’s apple and ginger was particularly popular and the recipe will appear soon.  We also had a couple of local school groups and we ran activities for them including nature appreciation, learning about growing fruit, planting wild flowers and vegetables. Of course the BEES volunteers were busy creating a memorial area, cutting grass, building the compost bins, weeding, planting wildflowers and serving refreshments. The BEES choir provided a sweet(ish) rendition of happy birthday for Nick’s birthday.

Today we worked with 12 volunteers.

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