WFV, Paris, 23/1/2018

Peacock ButterflyPeacock ButterflyThe weather was fine and sunny and we were treated to a host of good bird sightings.  See photos here.



Culture And NatureCulture And NatureLast Wednesday we flew over to Paris.  Lucky us.

We saw lots of French people, some birds and some other assorted wildlife. See photos here

View From The Hide At Adel DamView From The Hide At Adel Dam 


Lady's Slipper: Lady's slipperLady's Slipper: Lady's slipperP.S. this is a false blog, that was set up as part of the training session, and is being left live for the moment so people can practice!!

And just to be clear - no one missed out on a secret trip to Paris...

 See photos here.


We also went shopping

We also went shopping

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