Submitted by julia on Wed, 12th Dec 2018, 2:53pm

Welcome to our new website! 

After several years of 'deliberation', we have taken the plunge and moved onto to updated software. 

We know that we still have work to do to get it all in order and will be working to make corrections and alterations over the coming weeks and months. Please do contact us if you find something is not working correctly. 

Thanks for your patience and continued support. 


Apple Day 2018

Submitted by julia on Tue, 4th Sep 2018, 5:26pm

Apple Day is on Sunday 14th October, from 12 noon until 4pm.

There will be th eusual array of activities; help out with making fresh juice, enjoy a cake and a falapple wrap, buy some apples form the orchard and some chutney and jams. There will be trees on sale and horticultural advice. If you have an identified apple then bring it along with a twig and some leaves to see if Anne can put a name to it. Orchard games and activities throughout the afternoon. 

This is afree event but donationand cake sales are essential to go towards the the cost of the event.

If you hope to volunteer please get in touch in advance, thank you. 

And some of the apples will ripe and be finished before Apple Day, so if you are interetsed in fresh, local fruit now then get in touch. 

Fri 15th Dec

Submitted by julia on Mon, 11th Dec 2017, 4:20pm

We will be tree planting at a farm in Stanbury. We are setting off at 9.30 so please arrive by 9.15. 

The minibus is currently fully booked, but get in touch if you want to come but haven't put your name down, just in case there are any cancellations. 

Apple Day 2017

Submitted by julia on Mon, 4th Sep 2017, 10:24pm

Join us at Bowling Park Community Orchard for this year's Apple Day celebration on Sunday 15th October from 12 noon until 4pm. 

There will be food and drinks, freshly pressed apple juice, trees, apples and chutneys for sale, horticultural advice, a chnce to get your apples identified adn games and activities. 

We are delightled to have received a grant from Local Postcode Trust to support work at the orchard this year. As well as supporting Apple Day and infrastructure improvemnets to the orchard, we will be organising harvest sessions, cooking sessions and visits. We are busy putting a schedule togther and will let you know as soon as dates are set. 

Blossom Day Friday 12th May

Submitted by julia on Tue, 9th May 2017, 4:29pm

You are invited to come along to the orchard between 11am and 3pm this Friday to enjoy the blossom and have a look around. 

There will be the normal Friday Volunteer Group activities, or you can just pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. 

The blossom started over a month earlier this year than the previous two, but fingers crossed it will still be looking good this week. Let's just hope it hasn't been too cold for the pollinating bees. 

Find us here

Shipley Alternative Market

Submitted by julia on Wed, 26th Apr 2017, 2:31pm

We have a stall at Shipley Alternative Market on Saturday 6th May.

The market is Kirgate Centre and is open from 11am- 3pm. 

We will be selling apple chutneys and jams, and barbeque charcoal. As well as a range of stalls (previous markets have had stalls selling bread, books, prints, soaps, photograps, chocolate...) there is a cafe at the centre. 

Hope to see you there. 

Next Shaping Spaces Course starting soon

Submitted by julia on Wed, 26th Apr 2017, 2:10pm

The next Shaping Spaces Programme starts on Wednesday 3rd May and runs for 12 weeks. 

The course runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays and is open to young people aged between 16 and 25. One day is practical environmental work, with the possibility of a horticulture accrediation. The other day focuses on personal development and employability skills.

​​If you, or anyone you know, is interested in the course please contact Rachel Deadman  
01274 371303