Aysgarth Falls, Wensleydale

Submitted by julia on Wed, 5th Dec 2018, 8:21pm
North Yorkshire We will decide nearer the time if there are pick ups along Branch-Keighley route

Wensleydale is famous for its waterfalls which should be in full spate at the time of our visit.

Starting from the National Park Visitor Centre (information and toilet facilities) we walk to view Middle and Lower Falls through Freeholders Wood, a coppiced hazel woodland supporting early spring flowers and the site chosen for a dormouse introduction project. We plan a walk of 1.5 miles in the surrounding area affording views of Wensleydale and Castle Bolton. There will be birding as well as floral interest. Be aware of potentially slippery surfaces near the Falls.

Also bring sufficient food for a long day out. 

Leaders Margaret Rees & Alice Gingell 
Minibus transport; depart Unitarian Church 9.30am.  Cost £11