13.07.2021 Fewston reservoir

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Tue, 13th Jul 2021, 8:18pm

This was a delightful walk completed in ideal weather conditions by five members of the Bees group. Unfortunately Alice was unable to make it in person but was with us in spirit. The variety and abundance of flora was superb. Also there were some interesting bird sightings. The verges on either side of the gravel path were occupied by an abundance of flora including sweet smelling meadowsweet, hedge woundwort, meadow vetchling, tufted vetch, honeysuckle, ragged robin, lesser stitchwort, St john's-wort and spear thistle.There was a super abundance of common spotted orchids to enjoy. The banks of the reservoir were much reduced from my last visit nevertheless we saw silverweed, forget-me-not, water mint and mayweed growing on the shore. We passed through a mix of habitats including a coniferous woodland with a display of foxgloves also stink horn and drier grassland with field scabious, betony and harebells. 

The bird life was varied- on the reservoir were canada geese, greylag geese also heron, moorhen and mallard. A cormorant flew overhead. One of our more interesting spots was a redpoll occupying the topmost branch of a tree also a brood of four young sedge warblers (a band of brothers) hoping along a wire. A blackcap was heard singing.

Towards mid day the sun came out and temperatures rose. The butterflies were on the wing. We saw ringlets in good numbers, speckledwood and skipper.  Following lunch the party broke up, two choosing to do the circuit of the reservoir while the others ambled back to the car park. It was nice to be able to enjoy the company of the two Sues, Marilyn and Steve. Our walk seemed to make continuing with our Bees activities worthwhile especially so in summer months. 


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