Devonshire Park Keighley 3rd November 2020

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Devonshire Park Keighley 3rd November 2020


A chilly, damp, drizzly grey morning for this, our last outing before lock-down 2 keeps us all indoors and isolated. Not to be put off or enthusiasm dampened five of us set off, best foot forward; to re-visit old friends and explore for new wonders amongst the varied and interesting trees Devonshire Park has to offer.

Everything was windblown and rain-battered after the recent storms, but the autumn leaves still held their splendid colours, although most of them were on the ground.  Several trees still had enough leaves left, the Weeping Beech, Maples and Ginkgo to light up and glow in their yellow finery against a darker evergreen backdrop. The many species of oak added rich colours, albeit from the ground, in hues of red and brown, as well as a challenge in identification of the leaves which had been blown far and wide.

Also of interest, the Northern Chinese Red Birch bark, the huge leathery leaves of a tulip tree, delicate leaves of the cut leaf beech and the beautiful shape of Ginkgo biloba leaves. The magnificent size and architectural structure of the now leafless trees, Pine cone galls on willow, Horse Chestnut conker cases without prickles but beautiful conkers inside, A small unidentified fungi at the base of a Larch (see gallery) Russula in the wet grass, Velvet shank and very deliquesced ink caps some of which had pushed up and broken through the tarmac path.

No driver but thanks to Alice for organising the outing

Take care, Keep safe and keep well until we can all meet again


Sue N


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