Stainforth - 13 October 2020

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To see salmon leaping is a key part of autumn, and to this end 5 of us left a very wet Shipley to catch the train to Settle.  I am pleased to say that the weather here was a lot kinder to us and our 7 mile walk to and from the station was completed in relatively fine conditions.  Time was taken along the way to stop and take stock of what was still in flower, the following being seen: smooth sow-thistle, wood avens, meadowsweet and yarrow.  Hawkweeds also in evidence - apologies to Alice for non-identification.  Julia took time to point out and identify various ferns growing in profusion out of the drystone walls.  Bird sightings were few the most notable being a couple of Mandarin ducks, alongside the usual mallard.  A dipper was spotted by Julia disappearing downstream but disappointingly no grey wagtail.  

Our lunch stop en route was taken at the Hoffman kiln which Sue and Kevin had not visited before.  As with all other visitors before them they were staggered by the size of it and took time in its exploration.  The entry path to the force was as ever muddy and very slippery so care was taken as we descended the slope.  Visitors today were sparse so we had a choice of good viewing spots and settled down to watch.  Salmon were seen leaping but unfortunately not by me!  As time was limited, needing to get back to the station for our return journey, only half an hour was spent here but nevertheless it was lovely to enjoy the autumn scenery that surrounded us.  We then followed the riverbank as we started to pick up the return paths to Settle.  Fungi was seen at this point and an impressively large elm tree caught Julia's eye.

Our thanks to Steve for so ably leading us and providing a thoroughly enjoyable day's outing.

Sally Tetlow

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