Rodley Nature Reserve - 18 August 2020

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Our repeat visit to Rodley this week was undertaken in very wet conditions.  A plant list was done and over 80 species were recorded in flower.  Tansy was present not only near the Visitor Centre but also scattered elsewhere.  Bellflower was found and confirmed as nettle-leaved.  The butterfly bank had a wonderful display of crown vetch alongside field and devilsbit scabious as well as toadflax and great and dark mullein.  All the wet weather had promoted a lot of healthy growth in Tim's field where quinoa, charlock, barley and pale persicaria were noted amongst others.  The new meadow was walked by Alice and Marilyn and an abundance of wild carrot was seen as well as hairy and smooth tare.  A new species for Rodley was also noted here, greater knapweed.

The path running alongside the dragonfly ponds produced a sighting of a toad making its way very slowly down.  A kestrel was seen diving for its prey and buzzards were both seen and heard calling overhead.  Other birds noted were swallow, heron, robin, crow and wood pigeon.  Towards lunch time Sue spotted a bird of prey perched on top of the gazebo.  Identification proved difficult as we were at the time sat near the Visitor Centre but looking at Sue's photo later, it was agreed we had seen a sparrowhawk.  As the sun came out towards the end of the visit, a dragonfly was seen (identification not possible), to add to our sights of blue damselfly seen earlier.  Butterflies observed were small tortoiseshell, peacock, gatekeeper, green-veined white and small white.  Fungi were also seen but without John identification was not possible.

Our thanks to Graham for opening up and allowing us access and also to Alice for all her organising.

See photos here. 

Sally Tetlow

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