Trench Meadows - 4 August 2020

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Tue, 4th Aug 2020, 9:17pm

This week's visit to Trench Meadows saw our group of 6 meet on a somewhat dull, drizzly morning.  In spite of this we all enjoyed seeing the range of flora that this site holds and were even blessed with clearing skies as the morning progressed.  The harebells were still putting on their show and were an absolute treat.  Angelica was noted as was hairy sedge alongside a good selection of rushes.  Donald pointed out marsh arrow-grass to us which produced a squeal of delight from Alice as she made a quick search in her bag for her camera.  There was also an excellent view of a roe deer walking alongside the treeline at the top of the field giving Sue Z a wonderful photo opportunity.  As the weather picked up gatekeeper and meadow brown butterflies were seen and a skein of Canada geese were spotted flying overhead. 

Unfortunately I had to leave the group before the end of the visit but I am told that as the party progressed into the wood, cow-wheat was noted by the side of the path and Alice remarked that it is now spreading over on the opposite side.  Hard and male fern were seen as well as bracken with remote sedge being identified.  Fungi were also present and comment was made on the presence of swifts probably readying to depart to warmer climes.

Our thanks to Donald for providing us with some excellent finds and to Alice for her organising.

See photos here. 

Sally Tetlow

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