Baildon Moor (Sconce area)

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Wed, 22nd Jul 2020, 7:34pm

A group of six met at the car park opposite what used to be The White House Restaurant, It lies at the foot of the steep twisting hill below the trig point (close to the upper car park).  Led by Sue N; myself, Alice, Joan, Sally & Sue Z  headed off on the easy path towards Sconce Scout Huts.

A disappointing day weather wise, a tad too chilly for my liking, but nevertherless a few roosting butterflies were spotted; Small Skipper, Small Heath, Small Tort & Meadow Brown. Joan & Alice were identifying the flowers & grasses: Marsh Pennywort, Marsh Bedstraw, Common Spotted Orchid, Yellow Loosestrife, Apple Mint, Greater Bird's foot trefoil were all recorded.

Birds were in short supply but eagle-eyed Sue Z did spot a Little Owl perched on a dry stone wall. The ferns at this time of the year do blanket much of the moor & make bird-spotting difficult. We got as far as the farm gate, alongside the lower section of the golf course but didn't get to see the Barn Owls that nest nearby.

The spectacular view from the top of the moor looking towards Hawksworth must be one of the finest views in Yorkshire?

See photos. 

John Gavaghan

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