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NATIONAL BEES DAY          20TH MAY 2020

On National Bees Day it seemed appropriate to visit a local SSSI. Unlike on some previous visits there, the weather was glorious.
The silence of lockdown was replaced by continuous birdsong. Butterflies seen were whites, orange tip and possibly a fritillary.
A mystery invertebrate awaits identification.

Now the flowers. After the green background, the predominant colour of the day was white due to the massed Hawthorn blossom and Pignut in profusion, the latter being shorter than usual on the drier areas. Yellow came next. Tormentil flowers shone in the sunshine, Birdsfoot Trefoil and Mouse-ear Hawkweed were making their appearance and among the buttercups bulbous was spotted. Two species of Lady's Mantle were found.
The wetter areas provided Ragged Robin, Bog Stitchwort, Marsh Pennywort and Marsh Horsetail some with spore cones. It was surprising how much water was flowing down Loadpit beck where unfortunately American Skunk cabbage has taken root.
Mat grass, and Quaking grass together with Glaucous, Carnation and Hairy sedge were identified .
Other flowers were added to our list including, after considerable searching, the less frequently seen Heath Speedwell.

While keeping to two metres, or rather two walking poles, apart, we quickly learned how to pinpoint plant positions and  collaborated on salient features for identification. Two previously self isolating BEES thoroughly enjoyed their morning and can report that Trench Meadow is in good heart with plenty to interest bees later this year and BEES in the future.

My local woods, the river bank and Denso continue to have wonderful sights for those interested and even my garden boasts Green Alkanet and a magnificent Caper Spurge nursed on from mystery seedlings.
See photos.



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