Baildon Walk, 19th May 2020

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Tue, 19th May 2020, 6:44pm

Today I drove to Baildon, parking up near St James' Church and walked up through residential areas of Hoyle Court, Kirklands and Station Road spotting Long-tailed tits and hearing Blackcap along the way. A footpath between houses had a profusion of Green Alkanet and a smattering of bluebells. My route then took me close to the baildon Rugby club before emerging on to the moor. It was much breezier than I expected but fortunately it was not a cold wind especially as there was a little fine rain at times and I had not brought a waterproof.

The path on the edge of the moor had puddles that provided bathing opportunities for several Starlings but I was surprised to see Goldfinch joining in the ablutions.  The mown fields were a beautiful sight with their stripey patterns. I walked towards the road that leads to Dobrudden Caravan Park before turning back on a slightly different route. I had excellent views of Skylark both ascening and on the ground. Also Stonechat, Willow Warbler and Meadow Pipit. Curlew and Grouse were heard. 

Although windy, I did see an Orange Tip on the wing and a Green-veined White perched on a dandelion. 

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