5.05.20 Visit to Rougemont Carr bluebell woods

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Wed, 6th May 2020, 10:01am

My visit today was to the bluebell woodland of Rougemont Carr. On my visit last week to the Weeton Lanes I spotted a parking place directly opposite a public footpath leading to the woodland. Luckily for me it was unoccupied when I arrived. The approach to the woodland was via a path traversing fields. There were good views of St Barnabas Church and the Chevin beyond; also of Almscliffe Crag in another direction. There was a cold easterly wind and I was glad to arrive in the wood for some shelter. The woodland held a glorious display of bluebells. Keeping to the paths I walked to the edge of the wood and in doing so disturbed a roe deer which bounded off to the rivers edge. Nearby I spotted the bright yellow flowers of leopard's-bane, also red campion in full bloom . Bird song was ever present the birds mostly keeping to the top of the canopy of trees. You will recall our sighting of a woodpecker appearing out of a hole in a tree on our last visit. I was able to identify the hole but there was no sign of the woodpecker today. Returning through the fields a skylark broke into song above me - a heart warming sight. My day was nicely rounded off by a sighting of a mistle thrush resting on a bush near the lay by. I enjoyed this return visit to this woodland which afforded me somethng familiar and something new. 

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