A Walk In Idle and Thackley, 2nd May

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Sat, 2nd May 2020, 4:02pm

Last week I walked on Idle Moor on a gloomy day that threatened rain and was surprised to come across a Whitethroat. Given the conditions I had left my camera at home and was regretting that decision so today I decided to retrun to Idle Moor and look for "my" Whitethroat. I retruned to the same spot and waited for a while. I could hear more than one Whitethroat singing its' scratchy song but the closest one seemed to have tucked itself away in some scrubby bushes. I waited about 10 minutes before it perched on the top of shrub and I got several photos including in full song. Misson accomplished. 

I then decided to go down through Idle to Thackley corner and straight across onto Park Road before turning onto Amblers Croft. This route had been recommended to me and I can't believe I've never discovered it before. The path through hilly fields gave really good views towards Leeds and the Esholt sewage works and further on I accessed Dawson Wood. Before long some very steep downhill paths gave amazing displays of bluebells which looked glorious in the sunshine bursting through the trees. As I stood taking photos I heard something behind me. I turned round expecting to see a dog but it was a sizeable deer with a darkish coat running through the trees. Unfortunately it was too fast for me to get my camera on it but what a beautiful sight. The path throught the wood eventually took me on to a little lane only a stones throw from my home. I will definitely be returning here whilst the bluebells are still out. 

See the photos here.

Sue Z

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