28.04.20 Weeton Lanes

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Today's walk took me to a very special place known to the Bees group through visits made in May 2015 and May 2019- namely a circular walk around the lanes near the village of Weeton in the Lower Wharfe valley ( on this occasion I did not continue the walk into the lovely bluebell woodland of Rougemont Carr). Temperatures were cool and the conditions cloudy hence no butterflies as on the walk on the 15th May 2019. However following almost continuous sunshine in April the display of spring flora was superb. I was well versed about the plants I should be looking out for as this was my fifth visit. 

The first foray was to scout the churchyard of St Barnabas. Almost immediately I spotted Oxlip and it's two accompanying plants Cowslip and Primrose plus a sprinkling of diminutive Violets. I continued down the lane named Gallogate. Shaded under the hedges were Bluebells, Lords and Ladies and Dogs Mercury. On the verges were White Dead nettle, Crosswort, Bush Vetch, Ground Ivy and Goldilocks Buttercup. The hedges are amazing containing Hawthorn, Midland Hawthorn, Apple, Hop and Holly.

I was surrounded by bird song, small birds including Reed Bunting were flying across the lane to take cover in the hedges. However some including Chaffinch (male and female), also Yellowhammer emerged to feed on the trail of bird seed strewn along the ground. I was never alone with the company of Red Kite and Buzzard in the sky. 

Further down the lane and looking on my right I could see the outline of the woodland covering Rougemont Carr whereas on my left was a field of wet pasture dotted with Cuckooflower.

I continued along the lane which broadened out and led to the main road through the village. I followed the route of the stream the bed of which was bone dry before turning left taking the lane back to the churchyard. I would throughly recommend this walk to everybody during the last week of April and first week of May. 

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