WFV Threshfield Quarry 15 May 2018

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Dryad's SaddleDryad's SaddleBeautiful weather - warm and sunny, splendid trees in full flower, a lovely display of colourful flowers, these were the ingredients of todays walk. Our walk was in the environs of Threshfield near Grassington and involved walking down country lanes, up a grassy flower strewn hillside, through a disused limestone quarry and a visit to historical lime kilns. The group of 12 divided into a party of two, myself and Maddy being the appointed leaders. Unfortunately we were not able to come together to enjoy lunch overlooking a superb rock garden behind Long Ashes caravan park as planned and remained out of touch (other than by mobile phone) for most of the day but thankfully not lost!

My party was able to enjoy the spring flowers that surrounded us. We saw Goldilocks buttercup, Ramsons, Bluebells, Bird Cherry, Primrose, Cowslip, Bugle, Field Mouseear, Dog violets, Early Purple orchids (in good numbers and at their best), Water avens and hybrids, Salad Burnet, Wild and Barren Strawberry, Hairy Rockcress, the leaves of St John's Wort also Common and Green Figwort. The ferns present included Brittle Bladder and Harts Tongue fern. Alice recorded 76 flowers for her group.

  Butterflies were on the wing in good numbers specifically Orange tip, Green veined white and Speckled wood. 

The bird count was 19. Birds were heard rather than seen although a Curlew was spotted by Donald flying overhead, nesting Jackdaws were seen patrolling the quarry and a female Pheasant was seen with chicks. Lapwing and Oystercatcher were seen on the journey home. 

The industrial archaeology of the abandoned quarry including the trucks used for transporting limestone ballast and lime kilns was of considerable interest in particular to Jane whose husband is an enthusiast.

 The countryside was in pristine condition and we were afforded with some lovely views of Lower Wharfedale. If the weather remains the same as today for the rest of the summer we will be truly blessed. 

Thanks go to Stuart for driving and to Maddy for her support. 

See photos here. 


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