WFV, Hardcastle Crags, 1st May 2018

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Pink PurslanePink PurslaneWe were a party of 10 that met at the carpark and together we made our way in warm sunshine to Gibson mill, about a mile walk through rich woodland.  After lunch there we returned to the car park by a riverside walk which though boggy and difficult walking in places was very rewarding in plant, fungi, and bird sightings.


Many thanks to Alice for her record of plant species spotted -

Plants in flower = 34, including 2 grasses, 3 woodrushes 

There were masses of Great Woodrush, a lot of Hairy Woodrush and a few spikes of Field Woodrush near the car park picnic area.

Also patches of Early Common Dog violets and Dog violets, Golden saxifrage, and Pink Purslane.

Marsh Marigolds where  damp, Bluebells  and Ramsons (not yet all fully open).  Both Wild and  Bird Cherry.        

New growth seen on 10 Fern species.


Many thanks to John for his record of fungi (and a solitary butterfly!) -

purplepore bracket, lumpy bracket, smoky bracket, ganoderma, glistening inkcap

and the butterfly: the green-veined white


Some of the bird species spotted -

blackcap(h), blue tit, chaffinch, crow, great tit(h), grey wagtail, dipper, heron, mallard with ducklings, pheasant(h), song thrush, woodpecker(h), wren.

 See photos here. 



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