Indoor Meeting 21st February 2017

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Wed, 22nd Feb 2017, 11:04am

13 people attended our Indoor Meeting today. We enjoyed digital image presentations given by Alice and John. Alice's presentation was entitled "A few more ticks" - a double meaning with reference to both the little arachnid that can become embedded in the skin and cause extreme health problems, also the flowers she had looked for in the Cambridge area on visits to her daughter and grandson. The flora was unfamiliar to ourselves and therefore of considerable interest. A very knowledgable presentation which we all enjoyed.

John took us to Lanzorote one of the Canary Islands. This volcanic island has a lunar landcape which is extremely arid and devoid of vegetation. However there were some interesting birds to spot. His second presentation was of the varied orchid species of the Chilterns including the Lady orchid, Military orchid and Fly orchid. Well done both of you.

Following feedback from Julia and some discussion we enjoyed a cup of tea and Brian's birthday cake. Our final item was a quiz enjoyed by fewer members 8 in total. However although the performance of both teams left the quiz master somewhat bemused, it was all good fun!


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