Friday 17th April 2009, Bowling Park Community Orchard

Submitted by joe_peate on Mon, 20th Apr 2009, 12:05pm
This week saw us at the Bowling Park Community Orchard. There were lots of jobs on the list for this fairly large site, and we soon got down to work.

I may miss something out, but here's an attempt at listing the tasks we managed to achieve:

- install colourful bird boxes
- clear/tidy woodland area
- mowing
- weeding (a small entry, but a big task!)
- install insect homes
- clear pond area and bog garden
- move willow fence

We were rewarded by glorious sunshine in the afternoon, and, at the end of the day, left tired but satisfied (well, I did at least!) that the site looked better than it did when we arrived!

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