Hi I'm Chicho, and I'm a Volunteer with Bees. I'm from Spain

Submitted by Chicho on Thu, 16th Apr 2009, 3:47pm

Hello, I'm Narciso, but everybody calls me Chicho, and I'm from Spain. I'm a volunteer with Bees and I arrived here 3 months ago, in January. My experience with Bees has been fantastic because I'm learning a lot of things that are different in Spain, for example the people, the society, and the education, as well as how the people here work. It is very interesting to discover a lot of things that before I only imagined, but never experienced. Now I'm having a wonderful experience, because, not only am I learning different things, it's wonderful because I'm working in something that I love. I'm working with people who are marvelous, they help me, teach me, and have given me all that I need since I arrived here, and I feel that I am teaching new things to everybody in all different ways too, and this does one thing: Makes me happier than I imagined before I came here. And one thing more that is very important and I didn't say, is that I am learning a lot of English (language) and this always was a problem for me, and here it's easier than I imagined.

I'm a European Volunteer, and a came here with the help of ‘Everything Is Possible’ (in England) and ‘Afemjo’ (in Spain), and with the help of BEES too of course, because my project is with them. Here I think that I'm like a joker in a pack, and I work on anything that they need me to, with all different projects and activities, and with all the BEES staff. I am feeling like a worker more than a volunteer in BEES, and this means that I feel better.In all this three months I did a lot and different activities and jobs, like:

- I work with Bianca, Jenny and Rachel on the C.S.C. Sessions, doing different things like making a community garden in the Springfield area (plants, trees, and flowers, making some games, playing with the young people, using clay, painting, drawing...) I help them every Monday and Wednesday, and once, I cooked "tortilla espanola" for one group! This work is the most similar to one of the jobs that I did in Spain (teacher).

- I also work with Nick on the E2E (Entry to Employment) sessions with teenagers, where we provide training to help them to get work in the future. For example we do some carpentry work, gardening work and other similar construction work, to get new skills.

- Another job that I have is office work, where I write my diary, write this blog, tidy the office (no a lot, hehe!) tidy the store room and the tools, and help with anything else that somebody needs me for.

- And one of my favorite jobs is on Fridays when I work on the task program with another volunteer from Bradford. During these Fridays we do environmental work, where we go to different green areas in Bradford and do conservation tasks in these natural areas. Since I started work with BEES, I did a lot and different and very interesting things, like: we use different tools like saws, axes, hammers, mauls, loppers... and more than know! I don't remember. We make different habitats for animals, and the wildlife. We built different things with willow; we made charcoal, planted trees, fitted a bench, and of course, cleaned with litter-pickers everywhere we go. I didn't write everything that we did, but it is a lot, and I enjoy it!!. The next Friday we will go to the Orchard to create a tool storage system, making insect homes, and a general maintenance. 

- And some times I go with Amanda, Cathy, Julia or Nick, to work at different sessions in the schools, high-school and primary school, where we do environmental activities and games. Some of these activities were with Buttersaw School, Dixons high school and Green lane primary school...

ok my friends, this is the first time that I write in thos blog, my blog in Bees, and I hope write more in the future, and you will be able read and know, my experience and my little adventures. thanks very much, and if you wants to say something to me, please, do it!

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