Friday 3rd April 2009, Reevy Mill Dam, Buttershaw

Submitted by joe_peate on Wed, 8th Apr 2009, 10:59am
This week we were at Reevy Mill Dam. Our job was to clear the path which had become overgrown with grass, and to install 2 lovely new benches. We were helped by a group of kids from the local school, some of whom also helped clear a lot of the litter from the dam itself - good job lads!

We also enlisted the help of a couple of lads from the school to try out the height of the benches before committing cement to the holes we had dug. Once levelled out, the benches were fixed into position and the site made good. By the time we had finished, the benches looked like they had been there for years!

There still remains plenty of work to be done here, clearing the paths a little more and making sure the dam is free of litter, but we made a good start and hopefully local people will be inclined to spend a little time to sit and watch the resident geese fighting!

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