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Residential Fri 15th – 17th June 2012

The residential is approaching faster than expected. So far we only have a few definates and would like to fill more places. Please let us know if you would like a place or any more information. I would also like to arrange a meeting about the residential on 25th May, after the task at Newhall Park. Look forward to hearing from you, Nick

Extra extra volunteer opportunity Thurs 27th Nov 2008

Extra help is required to carry out ground preperation work at Cavendish Primary School on Thursday Nov 27th 2008. Please contact Nick at the office on 513102 if you are available and able to help on the day and we can then discuss the arrangements.

Urban Nature Reserve 26/9/08

Today was the job of opening up the ponds, so it was on with the waders and off in to the murky waters. The water was teeming with life including ramshorn snails, damsel fly larvae, newts and other beasties. They now have plenty of breathing space thanks to all the volunteers who braved the water. Right now the plants we removed are sitting spread out along the pond banks and the creatures that were hiding in them are making their way back in to the water.

We often have European volunteers via the EVS scheme and today Hubert was with us:
Aujourd'hui une journe un me faire photographier dans les pommiers....
Apres ca nous voila dans un etang etrain de nettoyer la nature. Tres bon travailles avec des personnes assey sympas.

Today is the launch of the website and right now we are eating apple cake (with apples from our orchard where Hubert posed for the paper), blackberry pie and blogging! When you volunteer you can add your own blogs about our days out or comment on existing entries.

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